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Paul Coates, Feb. 7, 1961

February 7, 2011 |  1:57 pm


  Feb. 7, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Feb. 7, 1961: Is it possible to write anything more about the Lady in Black? Actually, it is. Movie publicist Russell Birdwell tells Paul Coates that he hired an extra to “mourn” at Valentino’s crypt to
heighten the dramatic effect of movie he made titled “The Only Normal Man in Hollywood,” based on a story he had written. 

Before you rush to imdb, I’ve already been there and Birdwell is listed (he was supposedly the unit publicist on “The Son of the Sheik,” so he has some Valentino cred) but there’s nothing for “The Only Normal Man in Hollywood.” A true story? I can’t find anything on Google about Birdwell and “The Only Normal Man in Hollywood.”


The Lady in Black on the Daily Mirror

  Feb. 7, 1961, Paul Coates