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Pages of History -- Morrow Mayo's 'Los Angeles'

February 4, 2011 |  2:55 am

  Morrow Mayo, March 26, 1933  

In one of my previous posts about Morrow Mayo’s “Los Angeles,” I said that The Times did not review it. In fact, The Times did review the book, but the item somehow manages to evade ProQuest’s search engine and it was only with difficulty that I located the March 26, 1933, piece by Paul Jordan-Smith.

A sample: In former years dull old men and half-witted ecstatics slobbered forth chronicles of American towns that were calculated to uplift but were, in sooth, trifling, soporific and deadly. Now, by way of revenge and reaction, scores of smart young men are muckraking and we have a deluge of cloth-bound exposes, as like as peas in a pod.


Morrow Mayo on the Daily Mirror

  March 26, 1933, Morrow Mayo