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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Feb. 2, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This is the filming of “Old Gringo.” Please congratulate Mary Mallory for identifying it.]

Here’s today’s mystery photo!


A Telling Tale of Mexican Revolution Sparks Row Over Who's Doing the Telling

  Feb. 2, 2011, Mystery Photo  

Here’s our mystery camera crew….

  Feb. 2, 2011, Mystery Photo  

… our mystery talent … (where are the horses for the wagon?)

  Feb. 2, 2011, Mystery Photo  

… and mystery folks standing around.

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Comments (10)

Looks like John Ford's back filming "The Fugitive" with Henry Fonda

I see serapes and bandidos. Crew clothes are sixties or seventies. Wild guess: The Wild Bunch?

Viva Zapata!

The Three Amigos?

Observations: This is from the modern era. Evidenced by what the crew members are wearing, the presence of at least one African-American crew member, and the construction of the crane itself.

Don't yet recognize the film.

Monogram's big production for 1947, "The Train that Brought the Horses to El Paso". Aaaand ACTION!

The 1973 PANCHO VILLA with Telly Savalas.


Three Amigos is my guess too, and John Landis is the guy in the plaid shirt.

What about OLD GRINGO?


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