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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Feb. 12, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  March 20, 1983  

[Update: This is the set of “Swing Shift” published March 20, 1983, for a feature on a day in the life of Hollywood.]

Here’s a street scene that has been built on a sound stage, which poses a challenge for location sleuths!

  March 20, 1983, Day in the Life of Hollywood  

  Feb. 12, 2011, Mystery Photo  

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Comments (14)

It's a bungalow court. Chinatown?

Pretty fuzzy foto but I'll guess it is the bungalow court from "Swing Shift."

Day of the locust?

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Excellent guesses, Ms. Mallory. Could also be L.A. Confidential or The Black Dahlia.

The Fortune?

Why would they build this on a stage? There's a million of them around Hollywood.

Swing Shift? Although I remember more room between the bungalows in what was on the screen.

Day of the Locust is another good possibility.

In response to Greg Claney's reasonable question -- they build a set to better handle the lighting and so on. That's a tip-off that there was probably some action/dialogue thattook place outside the bungalows and in between them. I think I see guys holding reflectors in between the bungalows, probably helping to light someone coming out of one bungalow, or something.

Sound-stages contain magic. There, all the elements are fully controlled in order to achieve the desired effect. The majority of Hollywoods classics were made that way. Even a hint of artificiality often aids the director in reaching precisely the tone desired.

And all my guesses as to which film have already been reached by others here far brighter than I.

Okay, let's cover all Hollywood court yard apartment movies of mid-Seventies/early Eighties and add Gable & Lombard, WC Fields & Me and Won Ton Ton, Dog Who Saved Hollywood. And Under The Rainbow and 1941.

Here's a wild speculation: 'The Truman Show'.

didn't "the grifters" have some bungalow
scenes? and there was "autumn leaves" too.

Victor Buono lived with his mom in a bungalow court in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane". I don't suggest that this is from that film.


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