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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Feb. 9, 2011, Mystery photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  6th and Rampart  
6th Street and Rampart Boulevard via Google maps’ street view.

[Update: This is the filming of “Car Wash” at 6th Street and Rampart Boulevard in a photo by Marilyn K. Yee dated March 31, 1976.]

[And a tip for location sleuths: “Baretta” frequently filmed at 5th and Wall Streets.]

I can’t write anything today without giving it away so my lips are sealed…..


  April 11, 1976, Car Wash  

  April 11, 1976, Car Wash  

  April 11, 1976, Car Wash  

  April 11, 1976, Car Wash  

  Feb. 9, 2011, Mystery photo  

[Update: Film permit officer Bill Johnson and LAPD Officer George Mansfield. Notice that Mansfield’s uniform has a white patch and a wheel and arrow, signifying the Traffic Division. Only traffic personnel wear these emblems.]

Here’s a mystery LAPD officer …

  Feb. 9, 2011, Mystery photo  

… mystery light with diffuser….

  Feb. 9, 2011, Mystery photo  

… and a mystery car!
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Comments (10)


Looks like this might be from the movie 'Car Wash'. Looks Ivan Dixon in the background of the bottom picture.

car wash with ivan dixon

Is it Car Wash?

The movie is: Car Wash (1976)

Location: The old car wash 6th & Rampart.

One of the actors looks like Ivan Dixon.


Joel Schumacher and the Police Officer is Danny Tucker?

Car Wash

Keeping with the Lorraine Gary theme, I'm guessing "Car Wash".

I'd say it's production still from CAR WASH (1976) starring Richard Pryor and directed by Michael Schultz.

Making a wild guess - Car Wash


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