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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Los Angeles Time file photo  

I thought it would be fun to switch back to mystery people, so here’s today’s mystery guest!

[Update: Please congratulate Mike Hawks and Mary Mallory for identifying our mystery fellow!]

[Update 2: This is Tay Garnett in a photo published Feb. 22, 1935.]
There’s a new photo on the jump!

  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Tay Garnett in a photo published April 1, 1935.]

  Feb. 21, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Please congratulate Mike Hawks and Mary Mallory for identifying our mystery bride!]

[Update 2: This is Tay Garnett and Patsy Ruth Miller in a photo published Sept. 9, 1929.]

Our mystery guest has a mystery bride!

  Feb. 22, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This is Tay Garnett and the former Patsy Ruth Miller in a photo published Sept. 10, 1930.]

  Feb. 23, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Everybody recognized the easy mystery guests and identified the film under production. But the mystery woman was variously identified as Marion Davies (no), Joan Crawford (no), Jeanette MacDonald (no) and another woman, which was wrong but on the right track.  Please congratulate Mark Heimback-Nielsen for identifying her!]

[Update 2: Tay Garnett, his wife Helga Moray, Clark Gable,  Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery on the "China Seas" set. It’s not clear whether this photo was ever published in The Times.]

Here’s our mystery guest with some (absolutely not) mystery companions. I held this out until Wednesday to keep from making it too easy.

   Feb. 24, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  


[Update: I was going to name which readers identified which mystery people, but that became pretty tangled so I’m going to publish the comments and post one final mystery picture. Congratulations everybody. I will supply the missing names tomorrow!]

  April 21, 1935, Tay Garnett  

Here’s the photo, published April 21, 1935. The Times reported Nov. 6, 1935, that "Moray filed an application with the American Society of Cinematographers and is the only professional feminine motion picture photographer in the film industry."

For Thursday, we have a mix of mix pros and non-pros. Can you sort them out?


  Feb. 25, 2011, Mystery Photo  

Here’s our mystery guest with a (not) mystery companion.

[Update: This is Tay Garnett and Robert Taylor in 1963 during the production of “Cattle King.” The photo was published in 1977 with Garnett’s obituary. ] 

  Oct. 5, 1977, Tay Garnett  

Tay Garnett’s obituary, published Oct. 5, 1977.

Come back tomorrow for another picture!

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Comments (45)

Tay Garnett.

Lee Tracy.At least in photo one. In the others I waiver.

Herman J. Mankiewicz on the set of "Dinner at Eight"

That last photo did make it easy. It "China Seas" director Tay Garnett. His bride is his 2nd wife Helga Moray.

Tay Garnett on the set of China Seas. Don't know his wife without looking it up. Will kick myself when the answer is revealed.

So it must be the second Mrs. G. and director Sidney Franklin is sitting right, with Loretta Young sitting above him.

oops. I mean Stu (Stuart) Erwin.

Loretta Young

Loretta Young, Gail Russell and maybe Mari Aldon or Helga Moray, 2 of Tay's three wives.

In Thursday's photo, that's Loretta Young sitting on the wooden crate. I still don't the mystery guest or anyone else in this picture.

Top right, Polly Ann Young and Loretta Young.

The blonde woman is Virginia Field.

Is that Tay's brother on the left?

Gal in dotted blouse is either Polly Ann Young or Sally Blane--one of Loretta's sisters but not one married to Ricardo Montalban

the film is China Doll, the mystery actress is Bette Davis in her blond period and I guess the mystery man of the week is Dudley Diggs, although I thought he was older than he looks here.

I admit, I would never have gotten this without the considerable help of Gable and Harlow. They were in a few movies together, and Gable dressed like a sea captain in China Seas, 1935, directed by Tay Garnett. And there he is.

Loretta Young on the far right

Mystery guy is Tay Garnett, director.

The first wedding photo is Garnett with Patsy Ruth Miller, his first wife. (I KNEW she looked familiar!)

The picture with Gable et al. is from "China Seas." Wallace Beery and Jean Harlow are also there. I assume the mystery blonde is Helga Moray. She was an actress and author, married to Garnett for a while. By the time of "China Seas," he was divorced from Patsy Ruth.

Garnett and the lady I assume is Moray are on the yacht, Loretta Young is in sunglasses, and the guys on the far left and front center look very familiar but I don't know who they are.

A tough, but great one. Finally got it! Prolific director, Tay Garnett. It was the Four Star Playhouse shot of Robert Taylor that did it.

Yes, indeed it is Robert Taylor.



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