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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 7, 1961

February 7, 2011 |  3:25 pm

  Feb. 7, 1961, Comics  

  Feb. 7, 1961, Pay  

Feb. 7, 1961: Score one for Marjorie Freeman. She won a claim against her employer, Bank of American, that she had to be paid the same as a man.

Matt Weinstock has the story of a man’s generous turn that paid off…. and the Police Commission insists that women members of the Ballets Africains must wear bras.
DEAR ABBY: My father is my problem. Pop is 73 and insists on wearing his hat in the house, restaurants and everywhere else he goes. I say he should take his hat off when he's indoors. He says all newspapermen wear their hats indoors and he used to be a newspaperman. Is this correct and what should I tell him?

  Feb. 7, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  Feb. 7, 1961, Abby