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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 23, 1961

February 23, 2011 |  3:34 pm


Feb. 23, 1961: Mildred and Gordon Gordon celebrate the sale of their suspense novel "Operation Terror" with … ice cream bars. In their early days, they had to give up ice cream bars because they were too expensive and ever since the desserts were a sentimental symbol of success, Matt Weinstock says.
DEAR ABBY: I am a boy who is 14. I take piano lessons and want to be a fashion designer. To most boys I am an ideal sissy. On the bus going home from school they pester me and try to pick a fight. Abby, I don't want to fight, although I think I could knock their stupid blocks off. Don't tell me to ignore them. It won't to any good.

  Feb. 23, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  Feb. 23, 1961, Abby