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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 22, 1961

February 22, 2011 |  4:08 pm

  Feb. 22, 1961, Comics  

Feb. 22, 1961: The Arriba Poulson group has been formed in East Los Angeles to support the mayor in his upcoming campaign, Matt Weinstock says.  

DEAR ABBY: My Mommy and Daddy got a divorce and I live with my Mommy. My Mommy says that Daddy is a very nice man. When Daddy takes me to his place on Sundays, he says that Mommy is a very nice woman. If my Daddy is so nice and my Mommy is so nice, please tell me why they couldn't get along with each other and stay married?


  Feb. 22, 1961, Weinstock  

  Feb. 22, 1961, Abby