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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 14, 1961

February 14, 2011 |  3:36 pm

  Feb. 14, 1961, Comics  

  Feb. 14, 1961, Comics  

Feb. 14, 1961: A valentine to Matt Weinstock from a longtime reader: "Back in 1947 a romance developed between myself and a man with no more auspicious beginning than his sharing your column with me at the drugstore counter. We eventually married, only to learn that the only thing we had in common was an appreciation of Matt Weinstock. Somehow, I can't help feeling that you contributed to this fiasco, albeit unknowingly. I thought you might like to know the gentleman and I are still friends but we buy separate newspapers."

CONFIDENTIAL TO HOWARD: You've been angry too long. Washington's Birthday would be an ideal time to "bury the hatchet."

  Feb. 14, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  Feb. 14, 1961, Abby