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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, Feb. 14, 1941

  Feb. 14, 1941, Britain Nears War With Japan  

  Feb. 11, 1921, Gasoline Alley

Feb. 11, 1921, Gasoline Alley

Feb. 11, 1921, Gasoline Alley

Feb. 11, 1921, Gasoline Alley

Feb. 11, 1921, Gasoline Alley

Feb. 14, 1941: “Gasoline Alley” celebrates the 20th anniversary of the arrival of Skeezix Wallet. And here’s a mystery for cartoon historians: Although the anniversary is usually listed as Feb. 14, 1921, the actual publication date in The Times was Feb. 11, 1921. Walt Wallet was, of course, a bachelor so how else to introduce a child into the storyline?

Tom Treanor says of the wealthy refugees he met in Lisbon, Portugal: It's strange how intelligent, educated people who have been brought up to have perspective can have so missed the whole immensity of the war. As a group, they have missed completely the fact that their idly aristocratic way of life is gone. They don't realize at all how unfit their past has made them for the future.
Jimmie Fidler says: Ten thousand times I've been asked: "Why do hopeless hundreds hang on in Hollywood when they have no chance? Why do they mob studio gates, infest agents' offices, gather in morbid knots at Hollywood and Vine and beg and borrow to pay guild dues?

  Feb. 14, 1941, Tom Treanor  

  Feb, 14, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

  Feb, 14, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

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Comments (2)

My theory: Feb 11, 1921 was a Friday, and they wanted to have a cliffhanger. If there were Saturday strips in 1921, that would kind of kill my theory.

My dad was born in 1927 and had a game as a kid called "Skeezix Visits Nina." I played with it myself when I was a kid in the 1970s, and I remember clearly that the game had almost no identifying markings on it to indicate the year it was made. Skeezix was a teen driver in the game, so if he was born in 1921, that would place the game around 1937. Now I know!

Walt Wallet eventually married, i think. I remember a woman Walt lived with later on who looked like him. Similars attract.

And didn't Skeezix have exactly the same hair Walt did? Seems to me Walt may have enjoyed a little fling with Skeezix' mom who for propriety's sake never made an appearance.

One of the things i liked about this strip was each character visibly aged by the year. I think by the time Walt passed on he was 117.


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