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Voices -- Jane Russell 1921 - 2011 [Updated]

  Jane Russell  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

Jane Russell and Victor Mature visit with George Dolenz on the set of “The Las Vegas Story.”

  May 6, 1945, Jane Russell  

May 6, 1945: Jane Russell has Hollywood abuzz, The Times says.

[Update: Actress Jane Russell, star of Howard Hughes' 'The Outlaw,' dies at 89]

[Services are set for 11 a.m. March 12 at Pacific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria.

Instead of flowers, her family suggests donations in her name to Care Net Pregnancy & Resource Center, 121 W. Battles, Santa Maria, CA  93458; or CASA of Santa Barbara County, 120 E. Jones Street, Ste. 130, Santa Maria, CA  93454.]

The Times has received word that Jane Russell has died at the age of 89. An obituary is in the works. More details to come…. 


Jane Russell on the Daily Mirror


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Paul Coates, Feb. 28, 1961

  Feb. 28, 1961, Mirror Cover  

  Feb. 27, 1961, KNX ad  

Feb. 28, 1961: Arthur Godfrey announces that he’s leaving TV’s “Candid Camera” and Paul Coates takes the opportunity to say he can’t understand Godfrey’s appeal.

Notice: This KNX ad actually ran Feb. 27 but I wanted to include it because it has the full day’s programming schedule. Please notice Bob Crane in the morning slot. (And, yes, Arthur Godfrey!)

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Jim Murray, Feb. 28, 1961

  Feb. 13, 1961, Jim Murray  

  Feb. 28, 1961, Jim Murray  

Feb. 28, 1961: I’ll have to double up on Jim Murray columns so that I can pick up the first two weeks, but I don’t imagine many people will complain. Here’s his column from Feb. 13 on Angel pitcher Eli Grba and other athletes with challenging names, and his Feb. 28 piece on jockey Willie Shoemaker.

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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, Feb. 28, 1941

  Feb. 28, 1941, Stalin-Hitler Split  

  Feb. 28, 1941, Cartoon  

Feb. 28, 1941: Lee Shippey has an amusing tale about a limousine and its passengers, and a thumbnail profile on La Opinion writer Trinidad Vidal.

Jimmie Fidler says -- Waitress at 20th Century-Fox: "Sure, I know -- you're an agent and I'm pretty and you can make me a star -- but my husband wouldn't like it!"

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A Comment on Commenting [Updated]

  Mustang torture test  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: TypePad unraveled the problem! All the comments were going into the spam folder and have now been published. I'm glad so many people recognize Dick Whittington!]

Dear Daily Mirror readers: Something seems to have gone wrong with the commenting system over the weekend on the Mystery Photo. I have opened a “ticket” with TypePad, the platform used by The Times, to see if their tech folks can address the issue. In the meantime, we apologize if your comments got lost.  

Jim Murray's Sports Column Starts in The Times

image image

  Feb. 5, 1961, Jim Murray  

  Feb. 12, 1961, Jim Murray  

Feb. 12, 1961: Jim Murray’s column makes its debut in The Times: “I have been urged by my friends -- all of whom mean well -- to begin writing in this space without introducing myself, as if I have been standing here all the while only you haven't noticed. But I don't think I'll do that. I think I'll start off by telling you a little about myself and what I believe in. That way, we can start to fight right away.”

My apologies, friends.  Jim Murray’s column began Feb. 12 and I am just catching up with it now. Like most of the old-time columnists (see Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock), Murray wrote six times a week, an output that is almost unimaginable today.  I never met Jim, although I did speak with him once on the phone about the Black Dahlia case (yes, he was rewrite man at the Examiner back in 1947) and he was a very cordial fellow.

I’ll need to rethink my lineup to run six columns a week. I like the idea but as I always say, so many stories and only one Larry Harnisch. 
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Jim Murray, Feb. 14, March 1, 1961

  Feb. 14, 1961, Jim Murray  

Feb. 14, 1961 and March 1, 1961: Jim Murray has a column about prizefighter Norman Letcher... and looks into karate.

In case you’re wondering what on earth is wrong with the Daily Mirror, I missed the debut of Murray’s column on Feb. 12, so I am running two columns a day until I get caught up.

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  July 22, 1977  

[Update 2: This is radio personality “Sweet Dick” Whittington.]

[Update: Please congratulate Dewey Webb for identifying our mystery fellow, who has a long listing on imdb.]


OK, who’s our mystery guy?


Sound clip of Dick Whittington

There’s more information on the jump!

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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 28, 1961

  Feb. 28, 1961, Comics  

Feb. 28, 1961: Matt Weinstock has a whimsical item on a mythical group called Jobless Anonymous…

CONFIDENTIAL TO "BOTH 45": You cannot continue to live with your present setup. If your husband refuses to see a doctor (he IS sick, you know) see an attorney about a legal separation.

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What's Your Favorite Comic From 1941?

  Feb. 28, 1941, Napoleon and Uncle Elby  

“Napoleon and Uncle Elby” by Clifford McBride. I love the artwork of this strip, but I’m not much on the subject matter in which the dog is sort of a proto-Marmaduke (surely the longest-running unfunny strip in history).

  Feb. 28, 1941, Tarzan  

“Tarzan” by Rex Maxon. The ethnic stereotypes are dreadful and Maxon has terrible trouble with anatomy. And yet the images can be quite powerful.

Feb. 28, 1941: One of the great pleasures in doing the Daily Mirror is reading years and years’ worth of old comics. Sometimes I can hardly wait to find out which of Adams Ames’ children is going to get into trouble next. And then there’s the ultraviolence and weird characters  of the Dick Tracy strips. Most of all, I delight in the fabulous artwork of folks like Al Capp.

So here’s your chance to tell me what comics you enjoy from 1941!

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Matt Weinstock, Feb. 27, 1961

  Feb. 27, 1961, Comics  

Feb. 27, 1961: A survey of whether Pepperdine students are married brings some interesting responses, Matt Weinstock says. 

DEAR ABBY: Re the item in your column about whether a man should stand and give a woman his seat on a bus: If a woman can dress in trousers, cut her hair short, sit in taverns and drink like a man, cuss, smoke, vote and take jobs formerly held by men, why should a man stand up and give her his seat on a bus?
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Paul Coates, Feb. 27, 1961


  Feb. 27, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Feb. 27, 1961: “The Apartment” gets 10 Academy Award nominations, including best picture. The other nominees are "The Alamo," "Elmer Gantry," "Sons and Lovers" and "The Sundowners."

Paul Coates has an interview with  Herman Abrams, who became known as the most ticketed man in the U.S. with 430 citations.


Motorist Gains Dubious Victory
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