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Feb. 24, 1961, Paul Coates

February 24, 2011 |  1:24 pm


  Feb. 24, 1961, Mirror Cover_racing  

  Feb. 24, 1961, Take Home Edition  

Feb. 24, 1961: Notice the different headlines between the two editions: "I JUST HAD TO KILL," L.A. SLAYER ADMITS and SUICIDE BARES THIRD IOWA BANK SCANDAL. All of this will change when the Mirror staff is either laid off or absorbed by The Times in January.

Irving Waldorf, 22, a disc jockey who prowled the streets with an "uncontrollable urge to kill," according to the Mirror, told police he shot Max Lisecki, 54, in the back on skid row after spending the day searching for a victim.

A reader asks Paul Coates: Would you please send me all the information you have on "ant hunting?"

  Feb. 24, 1961, Killer  

  Feb. 24, 1961, Paul Coates