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Faith and the Negro 'Question'

February 25, 2011 |  2:43 am

  Feb. 25, 1911, Hats  

  Feb. 25, 1911, Faith and the Negro 'Question'  

Feb. 25, 1911: Religion columnist William T. Ellis has a few things on his mind about the Negro “question,” but none of them involve defining what the “question” might be. Presumably it was so familiar to readers that he felt no need to explain it.

Ellis considers African Americans “brothers,” but they are, as far as he is concerned, younger brothers who need guidance from their wiser,  older white siblings: "A weaker brother, a deficient brother and perhaps an erring brother he may be, but the black man is still a brother," Ellis says.

Patronizing, condescending white superiority masquerading as Christian compassion and acceptance. Ugh.

  Feb. 25, 1911, Faith and the Negro 'Question'