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Yorty Runs for Mayor!

Jan. 10, 1961, Yorty Jan. 10, 1961, Mayor's Race

Jan. 10, 1961: Incumbent Norris Poulson and  challenger Sam Yorty are about to get into a nasty campaign for mayor. Should I mention the $2-million slander suit? The Times editorial headlined “Either Poulson or Calamity?” (So much for the value of a Times endorsement.) And yes, The Times' Ed Ainsworth wrote the Yorty biography "Maverick Mayor."

Stay tuned! 


Norris Poulson on the Daily Mirror

Sam Yorty on the Daily Mirror

"Maverick Mayor" on Bookfinder

  Jan. 10, 1961, Nixon  

  Jan. 10, 1961, Nixon  


  Jan. 10, 1961, Mayor's Race  

  Jan. 10, 1961, Yorty  

  Jan. 10, 1961, Yorty  
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Comments (3)

Maverick, oddball Sam Yorty doesn't have a snowball's chance in Death Valley to be mayor -- unless the Republicans really screw up. Oooops!

And so began 12 years of garbage in the mayor's office, aka Yorty, who could never pronounce "Angeles".

Culminating in his campaign for president and Conrad's most brilliant editorial cartoon, a poster tacked to a snow-laden tree which read "The sap is running in New Hampshire."

I'll never forget the mean look on Yorty's mug as he watched Tom Bradley celebrate on tv.

After becoming Mayor, Yorty would cripple Pat Brown in the '66 primary, helping enable Reagan. Then in '69, came the most vicious, blatantly racist campaign of my lifetime, that was successful in holding off Bradley. He tried it again in '73 and, happily, he failed. His disgusting political career was finally over.


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