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Paul Coates, Jan. 25, 1961

January 25, 2011 |  1:17 pm


  Jan. 25, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Jan. 25, 1961: Mel Blanc, 51, is making progress after being badly injured in a head-on crash with Menlo College student Arthur Rolston, 18, on Sunset Boulevard at the notorious “Dead Man’s Curve” at Groverton Place. Blanc suffered head injuries, a broken pelvis and two broken legs. After the crash, the city of Los Angeles moved quickly to reconstruct that section of Sunset by “raising the outside lanes,” The Times said. 

Paul Coates writes about one of his worst fears: Being assigned to do a first-person story about the rain.


"Dead Man’s Curve" on the Daily Mirror

  Jan. 25, 1961, Paul Coates