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Paul Coates, Jan. 24, 1961

  Jan. 24, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Jan. 24, 1961: Paul Coates uses the kidnapping and death of Rose Marie Riddle, 6, to explore the story of another young victim of a child molester.

  Jan. 24, 1961, Paul Coates  

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What is so stinking tragic about the case of little Rose Marie Riddle is that now, 50 years after she was murdered, such killings still go on, unabated, with parents allowing children who are clearly underage to walk away from their home unattended, or come home from school alone, and when the children vanish people are still shunned and shocked, when they shouldn't be.

This kind of stuff has been happening for a long, long time, and not just in the United States. Yet no one gets educated about it. Isn't it about time we taught parents AND children about what a dangerous world we all live in? I remember one line from Carey Lowell's character on "Law and Order": there are monsters out there, and she was right. The POS who murdered Rose Marie Riddle was a monster. Good riddance to him.

You can be with your children and still bad things happen. Remember the family in Connecticut last year, where the father was beaten and the mother and daughters were attacked before the criminals tried to burn down the house? None of us are safe at any time. What about kids who are attacked at school by fellow school mates, teachers, etc., should parents stay with them at school too? You can be innocently meeting a Representative of Congress in a grocery store parking lot and still be shot. We all must be vigilant, and admit that bad things can happen at any time.


Yes, I know of that case in which only the father survived, and it was tragic with a capital "T." But, to be honest and blunt, those cases are few and far between. Check out sites like The Doe Project or The Charley Project and see back 100 years, perhaps back to Little Charley Ross in 1874, where children were allowed out to play, children far too young to be without some adult next to them, and within a second they were gone, some never to be found. I read those cases and I cannot believe, if you tune in to Nancy Grace or read crime blogs, how many times we still see young children who vanish each year. I know that there is no "cookie-cutter" case here, but there has been enough tragedy to conclude that, yes, there are monsters out there, and, even more so, we must not let our children away from our hands, not even in our sight alone, or else we will turn around and find them, too, gone. And that will never end as long as there are so many sickos out there. Little Rose Marie Riddle was but one more victim of this horrific societal disease.


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