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Paul Coates, Jan. 23, 1961

  Jan. 23, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Jan. 23, 1961: If brewers are developing instant beer, can “instant writers” be far behind, Paul Coates asks.

  Jan. 23, 1961, Coates  

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Note, stated at the start of the Kennedy administration, in the 1/23/61 Mirror front page article on the upcoming State of the Union, Dean Rusk making the point, "Kennedy intends to deal with Russia through normal diplomatic channels, frequently behind the scenes." This would bear the fruit of basic survival for tens of millions of Americans during the Cuban Missle Crisis 19 months later, when the Pentagon repeatedly insisted on nuclear attack while Kennedy chose instead to defuse war by communicating with the Russians as stated, behind the scenes, without the knowledge of either the State Dept or the military, which he feared might foment a coup against him, as revealed by members of his staff and John Frankenheimer, who Kennedy arranged film "Seven Days in May" in the Oval Office while he was away, as if a documentary, to use that film to warn the country how far the military could go.


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