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Movieland Mystery Photo -- [Updated]


  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: As most people realized, this is “The Conqueror” on location in St. George, Utah. Original caption information on the jump….]

Here we are on a mystery location shoot….



Mystery guys are working on their suntans ….


… a mystery guy is grooming the sand ….


… there’s a mystery thing in the dirt ….


… and there are mystery riders with mystery hats and wigs …


… hullo! What’s this decoration on the mystery tent?

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Comments (13)

This isn't the John Wayne Genghis Khan movie is it?

John Wayne's Genghis Kan movie?

I'm gonna guess it is "The Conquerer" with John Wayne, (1956) a truly bad flicker. Molly says it ain't a tent it's a yurt.

Those are yurts or tents of Central Asia. Could be the set of Genghis Khan w/ John Wayne, or The Black Rose. Newer films made about that area include The Man Who Would Be King, and High Road to China. People of that region play polo using a goat [or on occasion, human] head sewn in a leather bag, so that may be the mystery object.

looks like a yurt. "The Conqueror", maybe?

I'm guessing from the Yurt that the mystery shoot is the 1956 film "The Conqueror", staring a very miscast John Wayne as Genghis Khan.

The Conqueror--get outta there, folks!

Filming for The Sheikh with Rudolph Valentino?

The mountain range looks like you're facing north either in the North Hollywood area of the San Fernando Valley or out in the Agoura Hills area, out where Ben Johnson had his ranch.

The picture? Could it be from the motion picture, "The Conqueror" (1956)?

Looks like The Conqueror. This film was made for the most part in St. George Utah and specifically Snow Canyon outside St. George. I've been there several times. This is the film were it is alleged john Wayne and many of the cast and crew (Dick Powell, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Armendarez) were exposed to excessive radiation from above ground A Bomb testing near Las Vegas in the 1950's. A radioactive cloud supposedly drifted over St George during filming from a recent above ground test. Tons of the red soil were also trucked to RKO Studios in LA for interior shots. This photo looks like the San Fernando Valley, where they might have done some pick up shots.

Is the lady in the shorts Susan Hayward?

Moral of the story: Keep Uncle Sam's radioactive dirt out of your yurt. It can really hurt.

"Yor beautiful in yor wrath!" -- John Wayne [Genghis Khan] to Susan Hayward [pagan princess]


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