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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: These are  photos published in 1965, showing Hal Needham, Stephanie Epper and Patty Elder.]

Here’s a mystery sequence of photos showing a stunt that went wrong.


[Update: As far as I can tell, this occurred during the filming of “The Rare Breed.”]





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Comments (8)

Looks like it might be stunt doubles for Jeanne Moreau and Brigette Bardot in Viva Maria

Is Yakima Canutt driving the wagon?

Ummm, who says the stunt went wrong? Looks to me nobody got hurt much. Hollywood flacks (public relations people) are well known for showing a spectacular fall or jump or wreck or something and saying some star got hurt, to garner headlines at the cost of the truth. Also, if the stunt persons are female, then its a newer flick. Back in the Bad Old Days males in drag portrayed women in stunts. Stuntwomen yelled and screamed and hollered and some folks started listening. Ain't TinselTown wonderful? "Viva Maria" sounds like a good guess.

The stunt may only look like it went wrong. The final frame may simply be an exchanging of the stunt double's position with the star's.

Her stunt double could even be a man in drag. Like bearded ladies in carnival side shows, it has been known to happen.

Patty Elder is my grandma!

Patty Elder was my Mother.
No one was hurt in that stunt, just banged up a bit, but that is part of the job !
My family still performs and designs major stunts for the Motion Picture Industry. My children are 4th generation. And we are all , as I write , working on
films. Patty , Stephanie and Hal were all Major Player's in the stunt world for many years after that film.

That is my mother Patty Elder, my name is Lorie Hice. She was an amazing and the most famous Stunt woman there was and ever will be. She was the first Stunt Woman to be inducted to the Stuntman Hall of fame. She died at a very young age, way to soon!

Patty and I grew up together. My father Harve Foster arranged for her to join the SAG. As an Assistant Director I used Patty whenever I could and so did Harve. She was a wonder. There wasn't a horse born she couldn't handle. When asked by directors if she could do the stunt her reply was, " Just get out your checkbook." I miss her very much.


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