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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

January 19, 2011 |  8:16 am

  Jan. 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This turned out to be more of a mystery than I expected.  It’s from “The Climax.” According to imdb, there is a deteriorating copy of the silent version at UCLA, so it may qualify as a lost film.]

My goodness! What have we done to the camera this time?


[Update: This is truly a mystery photo. The production in question is “The Climax,” and although I can find information on filming in The Times, I can’t find a review or display ads for the film. ]

I had to alter the contrast and brightness to make the handwriting readable on the Web.

  Jan. 5, 1929, Climax  
Jan. 5, 1929: Antonio Moreno is cast in “The Climax.”

  Jan. 12, 1929, Climax  

Universal’s production of “The Climax” is fully cast by Jan. 12, 1929.

  Feb. 15, 1929, Hersholt  

Feb. 15, 1929: Jean Hersholt leaves Universal but promises to return for “The Climax.”

  April 11, 1929, Leroy Mason  

April 11, 1929, LeRoy Mason is added to the cast, apparently to replace Antonio Moreno.

  July 14, 1929, Renaud Hoffman  
July 14, 1929: The shooting is completed on “The Climax.”

  May 22, 1938, Jean Hersholt  

May 22, 1938: Jean Hersholt finds a print of “The Climax” in a Hollywood camera shop.

  Jan. 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  

The camera is in a mystery box inscribed with the mystery phrase: “We all love Grandma.”

  Jan. 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  

Here’s our mystery microphone….

  Jan. 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  

[Update: This is Kathryn Crawford.]

… our mystery talent …

  Jan. 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  

… and our mystery guys standing around.