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Matt Weinstock, Jan. 25, 1961

January 25, 2011 |  3:35 pm

  Jan. 25, 1961, Comics  

Jan. 25, 1961: In the 1920s, most movie stars lived in Hollywood, particularly the Whitley Heights area. Their agents had offices nearby. When the film people began moving to Beverly Hills their agents followed partway, settling along the long, narrow strip of unincorporated territory on Sunset Boulevard. There they could make themselves available to their clients and also avoid paying the city business license tax. And so what had been called Sunset Center, then the County Strip, then simply the Strip because known as the Sunset Strip. Around this nucleus of agents the so-called glamour nightclubs and restaurants grew, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO "READY TO GIVE UP": Yes, I can refer you to an excellent source of help. His name is God. And he is always available.

  Jan. 25, 1961, Weinstock  

  Jan. 25, 1961, Abby