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Matt Weinstock, Jan. 12, 1961

January 12, 2011 |  3:45 pm

  Jan. 12, 1961, Comics  

Jan. 12, 1961: TWO YOUNGSTERS from a junior high school in the San Fernando Valley, winners of a Community Chest contest, came downtown the other day and, with Suburbia editor John Cornell as guide, were taken on a tour of the Civic Center.

As they came out of the Police Building, one girl saw a P car on 1st Street and exclaimed: "Look! A bus that goes on tracks!" John explained it was a streetcar. Apparently she had no comprehension of such matters because when another P car came by she said in wonderment, "Gee, just like a railroad!"

Is anyone else slightly appalled at the thought that a generation that has never seen a streetcar is being reared in S.F. Valley?

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  Jan. 12, 1961, Weinstock  

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