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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, Jan. 20, 1941

  Jan. 20, 1941, Roosevelt Takes Oath  

  Jan. 20, 1941, Comics  

Jan. 20, 1941: Comparisons may be odious but today I'm thinking about the contrasting fortunes of two actors who were great stars way back yonder in the '20s. Both had armies of devoted fans and both were close to the top whenever box office ratings were compiled.

Today the one, Wallace Beery -- now past 50 and homelier than ever -- is among the screen's 10 most popular stars. The other, in his 30s and even handsomer than he was a decade ago, is seemingly as passe as the hobble skirt.

His name is Ramon Novarro.


Ramon Novarro on the Daily Mirror

  Jan. 20, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

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Poor Ramon. I don't think his professional trouble had much to do with his being gay; it's mostly that he got paunchy and doughy in middle age and had a bad drinking problem. In later years he aged into a handsome silver-haired fox and got a good amount of character work in movies and on TV.


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