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Amazing Predictions for Aviation!

January 1, 2011 |  2:45 am

  Jan. 1, 1911, Airplanes  

  Jan. 1, 1911, Aviation  

  Jan. 1, 1911, Trolley Tracks  

Jan. 1, 1911: The Times asks pilots who are in Los Angeles for the Aviation Meet about the future of flying. The Times said:

"We will see in the next few years, if the predictions of the bird-men come true, aeroplanes which will fly easily from coast to coast. We will see great express-carrying airships and mail-carrying flying machines which will take matter quickly to the farthest corners of the world. We will see aircraft which will attain without effort the almost inconceivable speed of 200 mph, and which will flash back and forth across the ocean in a day's time....

"... we will also see aeroplanes active in war both as scouts for the navy and army and also as awful engines of destruction for cities and fleets!"

They were wrong about a few things, including the notion of wireless transmission of electricity to power aircraft, and they expected that personal airplanes would soon be as  common as automobiles.

Also on the jump, crews of men are laying streetcar tracks from Hollywood to Van Nuys. Today, there would be public hearings, environmental impact reports, etc. etc. In 1911, they just got lots of men, cut down trees, moved houses and scooped out dirt at the amazing rate of a wagon load every 28 seconds.

  Jan. 1, 1911, Aviation  
  Jan. 1, 1911, Aviation  
  Jan. 1, 1911, Aviation  

  Jan. 1, 1911, Streetcar