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Reagan May Call Economic Emergency


  Dec. 18, 1980, Comics  

Dec. 18, 1980: With the prime lending rate at 21% and expected to rise to 23% or 25% (welcome to 1980 and the Carter administration!) President-elect Ronald Reagan is weighing whether to declare an economic emergency when he takes office. 

Notice the twin two-column stories at the bottom of the front page. In Times’ layout style of this era, these were called “corner stories” and prevailed for years. Also notice that one of them deals with Gov. Jerry Brown using tax money for political purposes (he reimbursed the money) and that his chief of staff was Gray Davis.

On the jump, the rest of George Skelton’s first-rate analysis of what Reagan did wrong on his first trip to Washington as governor and what he did right as president-elect.

Skelton says: “Most veterans of the Reagan era now agree that the former actor's initial poor relationship with the Legislature resulted from a combination of his ignorance of the subtle ways of government and his then basic disrespect for politicians generally.”

"He and all the people around him had the feeling that all the members of the Legislature were a bunch of bums, which is not to say some weren't," said a former Republican state officeholder.

  Dec. 18, 1980, Magnum  

  Dec. 18, 1980, Economy  

  Dec. 18, 1980, Reagan  

  Dec. 18, 1980, Reagan  

  Dec. 18, 1980, Reagan  

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I love this entire blog, and participate in the "Mystery Movie Star" shenanigans. One thing that also interests me is the "whatever happened to...?" question that always runs through my mind when I read posts like this. Some - Jean Spangler, etc., have obvious (or not so obvious!) answers, but some I never can find any follow up to read about.

In the above clip, there's a story about little Darren Marcz who was pulled from the family pool & apparently survived with no issues. The old "I wonder..." reared its ugly head, so I did some searching.

I wonder if this apparently healthy and athletically inclined young man is the Darren of the story? If so, he's hit 30 unscathed!!/profile.php?id=1498107935

12th place marathon finished!


A clear example of how things change but they stay the same:

1980: The country in trouble economically, and the Republicans about to take over. Jerry Brown is Governor, and California is in trouble. And the US car companies are begging for government assistance.

Someone tell me: is it 1980 or 2010? This paper could be printed today and all that has changed is the date.


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