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Paul Coates, Dec. 7, 1960

December 7, 2010 |  1:40 pm

  Dec. 7, 1960, Mirror  

Dec. 7, 1960: Paul Coates files another piece on his recent trip to the Soviet Union, this time about his Intourist guide. “Like most educated Russians I met, she was either very well-informed or grossly misinformed on the facts of American life,” Coates says.

And Mrs. Leonard Zilliox criticizes movies and TV shows for indecency. “In one recent episode of 'Wagon Train' the story was as follows: A young girl has an affair with a married man. Her father finds out, the lover shoots the father and is hung for his crime. Later the girl is found scalped and hung. The rest of the program is spent with all the principals accusing each other and discussing motives until the guilty party is found,” she says. 

Also on the jump, married life isn’t going well for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in Maurice Zolotow’s biography “The Real Marilyn Monroe.”

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  Dec. 7, 1960, Coates
Dec. 7, 1960, Monroe