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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, Dec. 10, 1960

December 10, 2010 |  3:59 pm

  Dec. 10, 1960, Comics  

Dec. 10, 1960: Matt Weinstock has the story of English instructor James Durbin, who  read poems to USC’s English Club without disclosing the poets' names. The works were written by Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, Ezra Pound, e.e. cummings and a patient in a mental hospital where Durbin lectured. He challenged the class to identify the poets. Several English professors decided that the Kerouac poem was the "insane" creation.

The mental patient's poem "Lost Garden," began: "No more will I sing how I was employed a fullness to bring where souls hung in void."

DEAR ABBY: What can I do about my best friend's husband? He talks about me in his sleep. I swear I never even thought about this man as anything but a friend. And he never once got out of line with me since I have known him. My friend has told me that ...


  Dec. 10, 1960, Coates/Abby