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Mrs. Eddy Will Rise Again, as Christ Did, Follower Says

December 30, 2010 |  4:24 am

Dec. 29, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy

  Dec. 29, 1910, Julia Ward Howe  

Dec. 30, 1910: The death of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy on Dec. 3, 1910, left followers predicting her return. Christian Science leader Augusta E. Stetson said that "she believed the millennium is at hand, that the end of the gospel age has arrived and that Mrs. Eddy will return in the semblance of human form and will continue to lead her followers," The Times said.

The Oct. 17, 1910, death of Julia Ward Howe touched off a debate about where to hang a memorial portrait. Officials said Boston’s Faneuil Hall was already too crowded  with paintings and suggested that a bust of Howe, who wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” to the tune “John Brown’s Body,”  should be placed in the local library. 

  Dec. 29, 1910, Julia Ward Howe
Dec. 29, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy

Dec. 30, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy