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Mrs. Eddy Will Rise Again, as Christ Did, Follower Says

Dec. 29, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy

  Dec. 29, 1910, Julia Ward Howe  

Dec. 30, 1910: The death of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy on Dec. 3, 1910, left followers predicting her return. Christian Science leader Augusta E. Stetson said that "she believed the millennium is at hand, that the end of the gospel age has arrived and that Mrs. Eddy will return in the semblance of human form and will continue to lead her followers," The Times said.

The Oct. 17, 1910, death of Julia Ward Howe touched off a debate about where to hang a memorial portrait. Officials said Boston’s Faneuil Hall was already too crowded  with paintings and suggested that a bust of Howe, who wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” to the tune “John Brown’s Body,”  should be placed in the local library. 

  Dec. 29, 1910, Julia Ward Howe
Dec. 29, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy

Dec. 30, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy

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Comments (3)

This may have been Augusta Stetson's opinion (that unfortunately got lots of "ink-time," in her day), but it was certainly not the opinion of the majority of Christian Scientists then or now. This sort of mythology has no relationship to the teachings of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy would have been appalled with such news coverage. She had immeasurable love and respect for Christ Jesus and would have eschewed comparisons with him such as this. She firmly corrected those who expressed or promoted such falacies during her lifetime.

Don Griffith

There is a persistent rumor, perhaps true, that Mary Baker Eddy's death came as a surprise to church elders who felt that her teachings should have produced immortality. Therefore, her body was paraded publicly as alive in an open carriage for several days after she died, while they decided how to tell the public she was no longer in body.

The comment quoting Augusta Stetson published 100 years ago about the death of Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of the Christian Science Church seems out of place as Los Angeles History. In 1909 The Christian Science Board of Directors in Boston revoked Augusta Stetson’s status as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher and removed her from membership in the Church. Her views were not acceptable to Mary Baker Eddy or the Board of Directors. I know I don’t agree with her views and I don’t know any Christian Scientists who do.


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