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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

December 31, 2010 |  7:59 am

  Dec. 31, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: ROYAL DENIALS .... Prince Mikhail Ouratieff and his wife, Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna, don the garb of butler and maid and prepare to wait on the banker and his wife ..... a scene from Warner Bros. "Tonight's Our Night," the screen version of "Tovarich," in which Claudette Colbert and Charles Boyer are starred. Anatole Litvak is directing. In this scene, a crane shot, Mikhail and Tatiana are on their way upstairs with the master's dress tie and the mistress' gown. Behind them, but not in the picture, is the Pekingese dog, for which they have been looking, and the master's shoe, which they are also seeking. The dog and the shoe are together. ]

Here’s our mystery camera crew…

  Dec. 31, 2010, Mystery Photo  

… our mystery boom man …

  Dec. 31, 2010, Mystery Photo  

… and our (not) mystery talent.