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Movieland Mystery Photo -- Updated

  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This is “High Sierra,” as recognized by hockeykevin and RJ. The published caption, dated Jan. 2, 1941, is not terribly helpful: "High Sierra," wherein this encampment setting is revealed, is rated for academy honors. This woodland scene possesses alluring reality. ]

There’s lots of details in this mystery photo. Let’s go in for a closer look….


Here’s the mystery talent and the mystery boom man….


… the mystery camera crew and mystery dolly track…


… the mystery woodie loaded with mystery equipment cases ….


… the mystery smoke gizmos….


… and the mystery guys standing around.

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Comments (7)

Would this be the filming of a scene for the Bogart movie High Sierra?

But where's my Mystery Date? I am ready for my Mystery Date!

The "Woodie" is a 1939 Plymouth. A fairly rare car.


I hope he's an "oooh!" and not an "uggggh!" ;)


I see some people dressed as state troopers with high boots. Final scene from "High Sierra" when they have Bogart cornered on the mountain and Lupino is down below at this campsite?

Most of HIGH SIERRA, except these scenes, were filmed at Lone Pine. They have a great film museum up there, and they even have on loan the car Bogart drives in the film.

Looking at that unidentified 1915 Universal Western (sorry for putting the comment here, but there was no place else), I wish you would post more of that kind of stuff as well. I love the silent era, with its mysteries (missing films, unidentified stills, etc.), although perhaps something on tragedies in LA from that era for the site would suffice...for instance, this coming October is the 100th anniversary of the shooting of director Francis Boggs (Selig) by Japanese gardener Frank Minnimatsu (Minimatsu?), and it would be nice if Boggs were remembered, particularly since this blog covers LA and crime in the city. Or perhaps coverage of the death of Peg Entwhistle from the Hollywood sign in 1932! Something along those lines! Thanks!


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