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Movieland Mystery Photo -- Updated

  Dec. 25, 2010, mystery photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

I came across a big file on film crews and I thought they would make entertaining mystery photos. Rather than a mystery guest of the week, I’ll post one a day for a while.

[Update: DOWNTOWN HILL district was covered by film unit headed by Cornel Wilde and Patricia Knight for thriller, "Shock Proof," which provided a somewhat novel experience, particularly for many early morning sightseers, Jan. 3, 1949.]

Isn’t this a cool shot? I suppose you’d like more detail.

  Dec. 25, 2010, mystery photo  

Here’s our very cool mystery building….

  Dec. 25, 2010, mystery photo  

… and the mystery car…

  Dec. 25, 2010, mystery photo  

… and the mystery crew….

  Dec. 25, 2010, mystery photo  

… and I suppose you’ll insist on seeing the mystery actors.
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Comments (13)

The Minnewaska or nickname "The Dome" was at 2nd and Grand. The new looking Ford Coupe is probably a 1946-8, I had a 48 in the same condition once.

Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace

Cornel Wilde and Patricia Knight

The Big Combo. A scene shot on Bunker Hill near Angels Flight Railway.
1949 Dodge or Plymouth. Cornel Wilde and wife Jean Wallace. Director Joseph Lewis.

Oh that's really good. Yes, we're looking up 2nd from between Olive and Grand toward The Dome (1904-1964). The building on the hill to the left was an apartment hotel called the Frontenac, at 212-216 S Grand. I believe they're shooting "Shockproof" so one of those cats is likely Douglas Sirk.

It is definitely Cornel Wilde, but the woman looks like Lana Turner, although I am probably wrong.

Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace in THE BIG COMBO. Director Joseph H. Lewis stands to our left of camera (dark shirt).

Agreed, Cornel Wilde and Patricia Knight. The movie is probably "Shockproof" [1949], directed by Douglas Sirk.

Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight, Shockproof - love the lampposts

Corny Wilde and Patsy Knight in SHOCKPROOF, with director Douggie Sirk glaring beside the camera.

46-48 Ford Coupe

I was wrong, that's Douglas Sirk, instead of Joseph Lewis wearing the black shirt and standing to the left of the camera.

That domed building was the Dome Hotel, formerly the Minnewaska, at the southwest corner of Second Street and Grand on Bunker Hill. "Shock Proof" was filmed at the Koster House on Second Street, which is just down the hill and out of frame to the right of the top photo.


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