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Movieland Mystery Photo


  Dec. 15, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  March 28, 1936, Thelma Todd  

March 28, 1936: The mayor of Ogden, Utah, says he may reopen the investigation of Thelma Todd’s death based on a tip from an informant who overheard a phone call from “a woman in black” who identified the killer while dictating a Western Union telegram to Los Angeles police.  

Los Angeles police told Ogden Mayor Harmon Perry that Todd committed suicide and that the case was closed.

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Comments (7)

Awww. From All-American Toothache, her last movie.

The man from Tuesday with Thelma is Antonio Moreno.

. . .filmed in Todd A-O

Patsy Kelly really was Rough On Blondes: first her friend Jean Malin died in a car accident (backed off a pier; Patsy was pulled barely alive from the wreckage); then costar Thelma Todd died in 1935; then Thelma's replacement, Lyda Roberti, died in 1938!

Blondes, steer clear o' Patsy!

Patsy Kelly and Thelma. Shouldn't you have picked a different co-star, maybe Laurel and Hardy, Norman Kerry, Jimmy finlayson, or somebody like that?

Could have been a vaudeville act, Patsy, Kelly & Todd.

(Tip of the hat to Mel Brooks)

It's Patsy!

I've seen the movie 15 times at least, but still didn't catch the joke in "Blazing Saddles" until earlier this year. I think I learned about it when someone in comments here mentioned it.


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