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Monks’ Dispute Delays Celebration of Jesus’ Birth

December 26, 2010 |  2:47 am

Dec. 26, 1960, Comics  
 Dec. 26, 1960, Mideast

Dec. 26, 1960: An argument between Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox monks at the Grotto of the Manger delays a religious procession to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

"The point at issue appeared trivial to laymen. It was whether the Latin (Roman Catholic) sacristan could stand during the rites on the step-side spot where, according to tradition, Jesus was born. The step is normally under the care of the Greek Orthodox Church in the multisect church," the AP story said.

  Dec. 26, 1960, Mideast

  Dec. 26, 1960, Mideast  

Dec. 26, 1960, Mideast