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Matt Weinstock, Dec. 9, 1960

December 9, 2010 |  3:55 pm

  Dec. 9, 1960, Comics  

Dec. 9, 1960: "No truth to the ugly rumor that the reporters in the courthouse pressroom watch those synthetic courtroom cases on their TV set. When I dropped in to check, they were watching an old war movie," Matt Weinstock says.

Marilyn Monroe explores the idea of being a producer in Maurice Zolotow’s biography “The Real Marilyn Monroe.

DEAR ABBY: I went to a card reader who told me my lucky number is three. I know she is right because on the third of September I met Louis and I fell for him right away. This card reader said I would find happiness with the third man I fell in love with and she was right again because Louie is my third big love affair. He has been married twice before. (See, I am lucky three?) I want to know if you think I am putting too much trust in the card reader.

  Dec. 9, 1960, Weinstock  

  Dec. 9, 1960, Monroe  

  Dec. 9, 1960, Abby