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Man Poses as Woman Golfer

January 4, 2011 |  2:54 am

  Jan. 4, 1921, Golfer  

Jan. 4, 1921: Well isn’t this an awkward moment on the golf course!  Miss Eleanor Fox, a tall and dashing brunette, drives a ball 200 yards and loses her tam – and her luxurious tresses – revealing that she is William E. Donahue.

On the jump, LAPD statistics for 1920, and crime is up in almost every category. Arrests for intoxication are increasing and remember, this is during Prohibition. Homicides rise from 37 to 48. And despite the rise in crime the LAPD hasn’t added any officers, The Times notes.

Also on the jump, Alexander and Oviatt is having a sale!

  Jan. 4, 1921, Oviatt's  

  Jan. 4, 1921, Police Statistics