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Labor Secretary Calls for Immigration Crackdown

December 1, 2010 |  2:33 am

  Dec. 1, 1930, Bruce Russell

Dec. 1, 1930, Immigration

Dec. 1, 1930: Editorial cartooning from the pen of a younger Bruce Russell, in the days when newspapers ran them on the front page. And no, Russell’s concepts didn’t get any clearer over the years. Compare his 1960 cartoon on Richard Nixon’s experienced hair.  (Hm. Reminds me of A. Victor Segno.)

Also on the front page: James J. Davis, President Herbert Hoover’s outgoing secretary of Labor (he resigned to become a senator from Pennsylvania), calls for tighter restrictions on immigration.  Notice the proposal of Sen. David A Reed (R-Pa.) who wants to shut down immigration for two years.

On the jump, how should sports announcers cover football games? Lots of color and constant chatter or pure statistics and long pauses?


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  Dec. 1, 1930, Radio
  Dec. 1, Immigration