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Grim Sleeper Photos – Another Look

December 30, 2010 |  8:15 am

  Grim Sleeper No. 164  

I thought it would be interesting to visit the LAPD’s website to see how many images had been removed from the Grim Sleeper photos, presumably because the women were identified.

I discovered that Nos. 164, 165,  169 and 175 varied from what is on The Times’ site. Most of the Grim Sleeper photos on are the same as what’s posted by the LAPD, but I’m told that these four photos were cropped by The Times to show the women’s faces in greater clarity.

One new bit of information from the uncropped photos is that three of them are dated March 1985.

Further examination revealed that two photos posted on The Times website show women’s nametags, No. 96-97 (Maxine) and No. 166 (Ms. D. Johnson) that were cropped out on the LAPD’s website. 

Of the 180 photos that were originally released by investigators, 151 remain on the LAPD’s website.

The LAPD’s photos are here


Grim Sleeper, Interiors
Grim Sleeper, Interiors 2
Grim Sleeper, Interiors 3
Grim Sleeper Nos. 4 and 52
Grim Sleeper Nos. 48-49

Grim Sleeper Nos. 51-53
Grim Sleeper Nos. 56-57
Grim Sleeper Nos. 59 and 81
Grim Sleeper Nos. 75-78, labrets
Grim Sleeper Nos. 75 and 77, Kendreay
Grim Sleeper No. 91
Grim Sleeper Nos. 96-97, Maxine
Grim Sleeper No. 199, Details, Janecia
Grim Sleeper No. 139, The Mail Slot
Grim Sleeper Nos. 141-142, Deborah B. Cleveland
Grim Sleeper No. 149
Grim Sleeper No. 166, Ms. D. Johnson

lapd_165 Grim Sleeper, No. 165

Grim Sleeper No. 165 appears full frame on the LAPD website and also shows the March 85 date.

Grim Sleeper No. 169 grim_sleeper169

Grim Sleeper No. 169 appears full frame on the LAPD site and is dated March 85.

Grim Sleeper No. 175 Grim Sleeper, No. 175

Grim Sleeper No. 175 also appears in a larger version on the LAPD website.