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Grim Sleeper Nos. 96-97, Maxine -- Updated

Grim Reaper, No. 96 Grim Reaper, No. 97

Nos. 96, left, and 97, right, seem to be the same woman. And in No. 97, she’s wearing a name tag that says “Maxine.” The shape of her name tag is quite distinctive. Does anyone recognize it?

[Update: This is a Taco Bell uniform.]
Grim Reaper, No. 97


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Comments (7)


It's from Taco Bell.

Here's a similar uniform with pepper name tag:

i think thats a golden bird uniform on manchester and st andrews im not to for sure but she looks like some one that use to work there

Larry, have you contacted Taco Bell's corporate office about this? Most likely the corporation set standards for its franchises regarding what uniform styles and/or name badges could be worn and which were discontinued. The three-color uniform shirt might be from a particular time period and the chili pepper name tag from a specific promotion, which would give investigators a better idea of when this photo was taken. Also, Taco Bell may be able to contact its franchise owners in this area and have them verify that anyone who worked there with the name Maxine is safely accounted for.

I believe this is also Maxine in this video still:

Note the freckle just under the right eyebrow (viewer's left) and the dark spot about an inch above the inner edge of the left eyebrow (viewer's right) unless the dark spot is just static from poor video quality. The teeth are widely spaced as well.

Also, in the MySpace photo gallery that Dorf linked to in his comment, the MySpace user has labeled the photos as being taken in 2000, giving a rough estimate of when this photo could have been taken.

looks like "Chili's" Restaurant.


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