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Grim Sleeper Nos. 59 and 81

Grim Sleeper, No. 59 Grim Sleeper, No. 81

It seems that Grim Sleeper Nos. 59, left, and 81, right, show the same woman and may have been taken at the same time.  No. 81 is dated May 8, 2006, which may or may not be accurate.
Grim Sleeper, No. 81

  Grim Sleeper, No. 81  

Grim Sleeper, No. 81 The background in No. 81 shows quite a bit of “shade-tree mechanic” material. At left, there are some old traffic cones and some piece of a car (maybe an alternator?) in a Capri Sun box.

And here’s a set of plastic shelves full of motor oil, spray bottles, coolant (Valucraft is sold at AutoZone) and other auto-related  material. Grim Sleeper, No. 81


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In Photo #81, the spray bottle on the top shelf is Armor All car cleaner of some sort. That faded Coca-Cola 2-liter bottle on the same shelf appears to be a Santa Claus design and it has the red lid, which I believe was rolled out with the "My Coke Rewards" promotion that began February 28, 2006.


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