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Grim Sleeper Nos. 141-142

  Grim Sleeper, No. 141  

Grim Sleeper No. 141 appears to be a Polaroid marked Deborah B. Cleveland, Sept. 18, 2001, although there seems to have been some hesitation about the “18,” as if the writer started with 28 and changed his mind. It is also marked “B.K.A. Chocolate.” If you boost the contrast, you can see the double mirrors outside the passenger’s window, but that’s all.

Grim Sleeper No. 142 is a detail from this photo that crops out the handwriting. 


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Comments (3)

I think it is her, he prob wrote Cleveland as a location, maybe someone should contact her to ask her if that is her?

Shouldn't be too hard for the LAPD to find out :
1) Who Deborah B. Cleveland (B.K.A. Better Known As Chocolate) is/was
2) Whether it's Franklin's handwriting on the Poloroid


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