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Grim Sleeper, Interiors 2

  Grim Sleeper 22  

  Grim Sleeper No. 22  

The backgrounds in some of the photos show what appears to be a window covered with tinfoil. No. 22, above, is a frame from a video that shows this detail.  Some of the images are indistinct and I’m only including the ones in which I’m fairly certain that the background is the same or similar.

It’s interesting to notice that several types of photo technology are involved in this “series,” including video and print or digital cameras. The tinfoil arrangement in Nos. 42 (video) and 103 (still) appears to be the same and shows a small gap between the foil and the top of the window frame.


Grim Sleeper, Interiors
Grim Sleeper Nos. 4 and 52
Grim Sleeper Nos. 48-49

Grim Sleeper Nos. 51-53
Grim Sleeper Nos. 56-57
Grim Sleeper Nos. 59 and 81
Grim Sleeper Nos. 75-78, labrets
Grim Sleeper Nos. 75 and 77, Kendreay
Grim Sleeper No. 91
Grim Sleeper Nos. 96-96, Maxine
Grim Sleeper No. 139, The Mail Slot
Grim Sleeper Nos. 141-142, Deborah B. Cleveland
Grim Sleeper No. 149
Grim Sleeper No. 166, Ms. D. Johnson


Grim Sleeper 16 Grim Sleeper 25

Grim Sleeper No. 16 Grim Sleeper No. 25

Grim Sleeper 30 Grim Sleeper 35
Grim Sleeper No. 30 Grim Sleeper No. 35

Grim Sleeper 42 Grim Sleeper 92

Grim Sleeper No. 42 Grim Sleeper No. 92

Grim Sleeper 103 Grim Sleeper 145

Grim Sleeper No. 103 Grim Sleeper No. 145

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Comments (1)

It seems obvious that the foil is on the inside of a vehicle. It looks like a van or a camper.

If you type in Franklin's address on you can see a man standing in front of the house. The man appears to be Franklin or someone who shares his frame. There's also a car with an open hood parked on the street. Franklin is a retired mechanic.

Also down the driveway, parked in the backyard, is a camper. There was also a van involved in one of the murders.

It appears Franklin often had women inside his vehicle. This may have helped him keep secrets from neighbors and keep his activities away from home.


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