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Found on EBay – Jean Spangler

jean_spangler_examiner_ebay An Oct. 12, 1949, edition of the Examiner, with a Page 1 story about the disappearance of Jean Spangler – drawing the usual parallels to the 1947 Black Dahlia case – has been listed on EBay. Old issues of the Examiner don’t turn up terribly often on EBay and when they do, they usually involve World War II. And yes, the issue is also on microfilm at the Los Angeles Public Library – a subtle reminder to those civic leaders who think librarians only reshelve books. Bidding starts at $10.99.


Jean Spangler on the Daily Mirror
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The Fibber loves libraries, too. There's a great one in Palm Springs with a Koi pond smack in the middle of the building and some small tables nearby where you can watch the fish and meditate or look over a good book. Great place. We need to support our libraries.


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