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Blake Edwards Loves (and Hates) Peter Sellers -- Updated

  March 9, 1978, Blake Edwards
  March 9, 1978, Blake Edwards  

March 9, 1978: Blake Edwards had a love-hate relationship with Peter Sellers. So why make another Pink Panther movie?  Because he got “the richest deal ever made for a director in Hollywood,” Roderick Mann says.

Update: Mann takes a look at 1984, a rough year for Edwards, with lawsuits involving MGM-UA, quitting as director of "City Heat" because he was unable to tailor the script to please both Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds, and Robert Preston saying he had no intention of doing the Broadway version of "Victor/Victoria."

  March 9, 1978, Blake Edwards
March 9, 1978, Blake Edwrds

  Nov. 25, 1984, Blake Edwards  

  Nov. 25, 1984, Blake Edwards  

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