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Thanksgiving 1910

November 25, 2010 |  1:58 am


  Nov. 20, 1910, Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving 1910: President Taft declares the annual holiday. “The records of population and harvests which are the index of progress show vigorous national growth and the health and prosperous well-being of our communities throughout this land and in our possessions beyond the seas.

“These blessings have not descended upon us in restricted measure but overflow and abound. They are the blessings and bounty of God."

The Times’ School for Housewives says: As Thanksgiving day is the family festival, we lay aside the latest fads and "wrinkles" that belong to present-day whims and have the good, old-fashioned dishes in which we rejoiced as children. We dispense with French entrees, elaborate salads and many courses. We feel that on this occasion "old things are best" and turn with delight from what is known as "fancy cooking" to the roast turkey and homemade pies.

On the menu: Cream of corn soup, oyster pie and Spanish rice. 

On the jump, a Bethany College football player is charged with murder after a West Virginia player dies of head injuries,  and a Thanksgiving editorial notes: “Standing beside the blackened walls of The Times, and under the sheltering wings of the brave old eagle that symbolizes its dauntless spirit, we breathe a prayer for the repose of our murdered dead.”

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