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On the Frontiers of Technology: Teletext

November 14, 2010 |  4:32 am

  \May 3, 1981, Teletext  


Nov. 14, 1980: KCET-TV Channel 28 and KNXT-TV Channel 2 plan to experiment with teletext. Young persons reading this with the free wifi at Starbucks, gaze at the screen shots and give thanks for your netbooks. 

The Times’ Lee Margulies says: “Teletext is a process in which a broadcaster is able to transmit printed matter in the normal television signal so that a viewer who has a special decoder unit can receive information on his screen. By using a keypad attached to the set, the viewer can select from hundreds of different 'pages' of information and read them on the screen, either in place of the picture or superimposed over it.”

Hartford Gunn, vice president and general manager at KCET,  "said that teletext will be a new medium, combining some elements of newspapers and television but not replacing either."

  Nov. 14, 1980, Teletext
  Nov. 14, 1980, Teletext
  Nov. 14, 1980, Teletext