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Movieland Mystery Photo – Update 2

  Nov. 27, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

image Mack Sennett was this week’s mystery guest. I found this picture in his file and thought it would make a nice mystery photo.

Update: Harry “Kid” McCoy, center, is the only fellow identified in this photo, so I’m hoping the Daily Mirror “brain trust” will come through with the rest of the identities.  As Stacia suggests, the fellow on the lower left looks like Slim Summerville, although I can see a resemblance to Lupino Lane.  And the mystery woman on the right appears to be Mae Busch.

Update 2: Mary Mallory writes: I have some information on the Triangle Komedies photo.  It is THEIR WEAK MOMENTS (Triangle-Sennett, 1917).  Harry McCoy stands holding the gun, the woman in the straw hat is Cecile Arnold, and the woman in the black hat is Vivian Edwards.  The man on the floor with the tilted hat is Mal St. Clair.  Don't know the other two.  I figured this out from Brent Walker's book which has a photo of McCoy and the women, and then discovered that we have the exact same photo in the film file.

There are more detailed images on the jump.

At right: Mack Sennett and Thomas Ince ankle Triangle, July 7, 1917

Nov. 27, 2010, Mystery Photo Nov. 27, 2010, Mystery Photo

Nov. 27, 2010, Mystery Photo Nov. 27, 2010, Mystery Photo


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Comments (10)

Lupino Lane (bottom right)

I believe the man standing is Harry McCoy, the rest I will leave for Brent Walker to identify.

Don't know the names but it is obviously a meeting of a local branch of the Tea Party.

Where would silent comedy have been, I ask you, without hats?

Guy standing with police hat askew and phony moustache--"Fatty" Arbuckle?

I'm pretty sure the top center guy is Harry McCoy, the lady on the right is Mae Busch, and the bottom right guy is Slim Summerville. The guy next to him might be Heinie Conklin, but all those Sennett guys with their glamorous mustaches look the same to me. And I've seen the lady on the left before, but I couldn't tell you who it is.

Buster Keaton? (Bottom Photo, on right)

The words 'Mae' and 'Busch' can no longer be placed in a sentence without the addition of 'the ever-popular'.

I thought the bottom right guy was Slim, actually. This really IS a job for Brent Walker! We need to light the beacon to summon him!

But if that's Mae Busch and Harry McCoy, there are only a few films this could be, at least according to the IMDb. If only the lady on the left was Louise Fazenda, we'd know this was a publicity shot for "Beating Hearts and Carpets", which is the best title of a movie ever.

I'll tackle the Bathing Beauties later tonight, but I have a BAD track record with identifying the Beauties. Really bad. Comically bad.

I somehow missed seeing this post, but you have the four principals nailed: Harry McCoy (not the same person as the boxer Kid McCoy, by the way), Cecile Arnold, Vivian Edwards and Mal St. Clair. I don't recognize the cop, but the guy in the derby hat may be Hal Haig Prieste--a Sennett stuntman who later was on the 1920 US Olympic diving team and lived to 104. He had a crooked nose which from this angle is hard to confirm--my friends Michael Campino and Steve Rydzewski would recognize him better than me though, so I'll check with them.


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