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Movieland Mystery Photo -- Updated

  Nov. 17, 2010, Mystery Photo  

Update: This is Polly Walters! Congratulations to Mike Hawks and Mary Mallory (who not only identified Polly, but even named the photographer. Very impressive!) And thanks to Eve for suggesting her!

Here’s our mystery guest. Last week’s mystery woman was Diane Baker and the weekend mystery guest was Mary Astor, late in her career. I took a closer look at a photo from “Return to Peyton Place” and found another page of her notorious diary in The Times archives!

There’s a new photo on the jump!

  Nov. 18, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

Here’s another photo of our mystery gal. Please congratulate Mike Hawks for identifying her!

  Nov. 19, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

Here’s another photo of our mystery gal. And a shout-out to Eve Golden for suggesting her (and that’s why Eve doesn’t get credit for identifying her!)
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Comments (15)

Mary Carlisle

The lady is Polly Walters

These actresses from the 30s are always so made-up, I can't tell one from another. Somewhat true of actors, too.

Noel Francis.

Is it Rosemary Davies?

Mae Clarke? (No grapefruit please!!!)

Mary Astor in Escape From Peyton Place (but seriously, whoever she is, she's a natural beauty!)

Busby Berkeley nymphet # 842A.

Is it Ona Munson? She played Belle Watling in GWTW.

It's Polly Walters. I believe all three photos were taken by Elmer Fryer, and is the first photo possibly from EXPENSIVE WOMEN?

I'm kicking myself because I know I've seen her recently, but have no idea where. Could have been a blog, could have been YouTube, could have been TCM. The world will never know.

Round 2 - Joan Blondell?

She IS kinda obscure, but a genuinely wonderful deadpan comic actress. She was in a dozen or so early '30s Warner Bros. movies, usually playing bored-to-death, whiny switchboard girls or models, and stole every scene she was in.

DANGIT. I know where I saw her now: "Smart Money", which I watched earlier this year. Such a short career. I wonder why? She seems perfect for small parts in the background of 1930s WB films.


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