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Matt Weinstock, Nov. 1, 1960

November 1, 2010 |  3:53 pm

  Nov. 1, 1960, Comics  

Nov. 1, 1960: BE ON THE ALERT for strangers in bars who offer to bet $25 or $5 that if Candidate A (or B) is elected that three days later the banks will be closed and there will be troops in the streets. Naturally. It'll be Veterans Day, Matt Weinstock says.

DEAR ABBY: I am a college student. Last year I met a student who attends another college. We were strongly attracted to each other. I sent him my picture, signed "Love, forever." He came to see me many times. We got very serious and then I heard...

Also on the jump, an interview with Buster Keaton….

  Nov. 1, 1960, Weinstock  

  Nov. 1, 1960, Buster Keaton
Nov. 1, 1960, Buster Keaton

  Nov. 1, 1960, Abby