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Matt Weinstock, Nov. 18, 1960

November 18, 2010 |  3:18 pm

  Nov. 18, 1960, Comics  

Nov. 18, 1960: A woman who missed a court date arrives with a note from her doctor saying that she’s ready to “resume her occupation,” and that, of course, is why she was in court, Matt Weinstock says.

DEAR ABBY: There are six of us children (all married) in the family and every Christmas we go through the same thing. We have always pitched in to buy our parents one nice gift from all of us. One sister is behind three years for her share and one brother has never put in his share. We would rather buy one nice gift than six cheaper ones. none of us are poor. What do you suggest?

  Nov. 18, 1960, Weinstock  

  Nov. 18, 1960, Abby